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I Now Declare It Summer!

Frozen popsicle goodness!

I’m currently going to school in New Mexico, but I’m originally from Colorado. Now, while Colorado isn’t really all that much of a colder climate then New Mexico for most of the year, there’s this weird thing where seasons don’t seem to match up quite right. New Mexico tends to just skip spring and winter, and is either in perpetual chilliness like autumn, or intense heat like summer. On top of this, summer weather starts really early down here – it’s only half-way through April, and yet it was 80 degrees F today.

To my Coloradan sensibilities, this is just silly! But it is very good for one thing – you can start enjoying frozen treats much earlier in the year! So, to herald in what really feels like summer, even though it’s technically spring, I give to you a homemade popsicle recipe! It’s not really baking, but it is very tasty and easy to make!

The Recipe: Berry and Chocolate Cup Popsicles
Shopping list:
Vanilla Ice Cream
Assorted Berries (I used blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries)
Chocolate Candy Melts or Shell Chocolate Syrup
Paper Cups
Popsicle Sticks

Other Materials
A Spoon
A Freezer
Two Small Mixing Bowls*
A Microwave*

*If you are using Shell Chocolate Syrup, you will only need one bowl and you will not need the microwave

While these are very easy to make, they are a little on the expensive side. All together the materials cost me about $28. The berries can run a bit pricey if they’re out of season and depending on where you live. Likewise, the ice cream can be a bit expensive depending on the brand and how much you buy. I bought two pints of Blue Bunny brand ice cream for about $8, because I was buying it at my school’s convenience store and that was the only brand they had. A store-brand might cost a bit less, though you may want less or more ice cream depending on how many popsicles you want to make (I made 4 with a little over 1 pint).

Remove ice cream from the freezer and let thaw for however much time is needed for the ice cream to soften.

Place as many berries as desired in the bottom of a paper cup. Some paper cups come heavily waxed on the inside, but if the kind you are using are not waxed, you may want to line them with wax paper to keep the popsicles from sticking to the inside of the cups.

Pour Shell Chocolate Syrup or melted Candy Melts into the bottom of the cup, covering the berries. Gently tap the bottom of the cup on a flat surface to help the chocolate fill in the cracks between the berries. Spread more Syrup or Candy Melts along the sides of the cup. This will create a chocolatey shell around the outside of your ice cream.

Scoop ice cream into a mixing bowl. Toss in a handful of berries and thoroughly mix. If the ice cream melts to the point of liquefying, that is okay – it will make the next step a bit easier.

Pour the ice cream and berries into the paper cups, on top of the chocolate. Fill to within an inch to half an inch of the top of the cup. Pat down ice cream with the back of a spoon or gently tap the bottom of the cup on a flat surface to flatten the top of the ice cream.

Place in a freezer, checking frequently until the ice cream has begun to harden but has not yet frozen. At that point, gently push a popsicle stick into the ice cream.

Let freeze for at least an hour, or however long it takes for the ice cream to completely freeze again.

Remove cups from the freezer. Working over a sink, bowl, or trash can, use a pair of scissors to cut a small slit in the top of the cup. Using your hands, tear along the cut, pulling the cup away from the popsicle like you would peel an orange.

Serve and enjoy!


I don’t have any extra tips in particular, other then to suggest trying other things in the ice cream. I personally think it would be really tasty to pour the chocolate in first, then a layer of peanut butter, then the ice cream. I haven’t tried it myself, but it could be really tasty! Experiment with the recipe and have fun with it!


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