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Looking for something cool, creamy, sweet, and green(ish) for St. Patrick’s Day? And that takes very little work? What do you think about Mint Oreo Truffles? Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

My roommates have decided that once a month we’ll do some sort of baking project. This month, we decided to go for a holiday theme, and what holiday is more perfect for college students then St Patrick’s Day? Sadly, the holiday is during our spring break… so we celebrated a week early! These are so ridiculously easy to make that I most certainly recommend it for college students.

The Recipe: Mint Oreo Truffles
Shopping List:
1 Package Double Stuff Mint Oreos
1 8oz Package Cream Cheese
Dark Chocolate Candy melts

Other Materials:
Large Ziploc Bags
Wax Paper
Rolling Pin (or just something heavy)
Mixing Bowl
A Microwave
A Freezer

This cost me a grand total of $10. It is seriously cheap, especially if you already have ziploc bags and wax paper in your pantry. The only problem you might run into is a freezer – if you have a mini fridge with some sort of freezer, that is perfect, but if you don’t, this gets a bit tricky. You can also use any kind of candy melts, it doesn’t have to be dark chocolate – I just chose to use them because they aren’t as sweet. It’s pretty great, though, since it makes them taste kind of like a super creamy thin mint cookie!

Open up your oreos and divide into thirds. An average pack should have 30 cookies in it, so three groups of ten. With one third, scrap out the stuffing and discard (or, y’know, eat). Place cookies in a large ziploc bag and place flat on a counter. Use a rolling pin (or other heavy object – I used a skillet) to smash the cookies until they are very finely crushed. Poor into a large mixing bowl, and make sure to scrape all the bits off the inside of the bag.

Into the bowl, drop one 8oz package of room-temperature cream cheese. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands in there to mix it all in – don’t be afraid of getting dirty, because seriously, a spoon does not work for this. Make sure your hands are clean, though! Thoroughly mix cream cheese and cookie crumbs together.

Roll your mixture into small balls, about the size of a shooter marble. Set them on a plate. Once you have rolled all the mixture, you’ll want to pop these in a freezer for about ten minutes to firm up. If you go straight to the next step, they probably won’t hold together and will just leave you with a big mess.

Wash out your mixing bowl for the next step – no real use in getting another one dirty. Melt a bag of dark cocoa chocolate melts according to instructions. Drop oreo balls into the chocolate a few at a time, and gently roll around with a spoon until evenly coated. Spoon the balls out, tapping off excess chocolate. Set on a large sheet of wax paper and let dry. Then go ahead and eat!

I made about 48 truffles, and I’m sure it would be possible to get 50 if I had rolled them a little smaller. Also, one 14oz bag of candy melts were just barely enough to coat all of these truffles, so watch out for that.


I shouldn't wear my nice watch while doing this

This last bit is totally optional, and was done only be cause I could. But it makes your truffles look super nice and kind of professional.

So, I had about a quarter bag of milk chocolate melts left from a previous project (coming soonish, probably) that I needed to get rid of. So I had the idea of, hey, why not pipe it onto the truffles?

All you need for this is a small ziploc bag and candy melts of a different color/flavor – I’d suggest some green ones, if you’re doing this for St Patrick’s day.

Melt the candy melts in a bowl in the microwave per instructions. Let cool for a few seconds, because otherwise you’ll be handling very hot chocolate through a thin bag and that HURTS. Spoon the chocolate into a small ziploc bag, and using scissors or a knife cut of just the very tip of one of the corners of the bag. Squeeze the chocolate onto the truffles.

You’ll want to work quickly, because the chocolate in the bag solidifies quickly and is pretty useless once it has. If you made a large batch of truffles, you may want to use multiple bags.


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